Department of Liberation Struggle

Exhibition of the Ukrainian Department of Liberation Struggle “Military and Historical Monuments” features materials on the history of the War of Independence of Ukraine in the XXth century in chronological order.

Here you can read the documents, examine personal insignia and weapons of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen and the Ukrainian Galician Army soldiers from the collection of the former museum of military and historical monuments of Lviv (1937 – 1939). A separate group covers the activities of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, the history and struggle for the national independence of the Carpatho-Ukraine, the activity of Military Divisions of Nationalists (MDN) and Ukrainian

Nationalists Battalions (UNB), propagandistic Marching groups of OUN, as well as set of documents, covering events for the Act of proclamation of revival of Ukrainian Statehood on June30, 1941.

The main part of the exposition is dedicated to activities of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army combat divisions in Western Ukraine. Here are shown the basic stages of formation and the organizational structure of the UIA, activities of the group “Buh”, officer training, medical care of the UIA. A range of local underground publications of OUN and UIA is exhibited separately. These include propaganda and training literature, illustrated postcards, appeals, slogans. The exposition features bofons – documents on the cash contributions to the fund of OUN, UIA. There are also exhibited the USLC Great Congregation materials, photographs of the members of the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Counsil, USLC publications and awards. The exposition features rebel clothing and items of everyday life of the interregional Provid of OUN, underground printing equipment: typewriter, clichés.

For the first time the exhibition displays the materials on the history of Ukrainian Division “Galicia”: stages of volunteers’ recruitment, participation in the Battle of Brody, stay of members of the Division in the prison camp in Rimini (Italy). Here are presented belongings of the members of the Division, who died near the Brody River, memorable military honors, camp publication. Considerable part of materials describes the Bolshevik repressions in Western Ukraine.

Photographs that displayed at the exhibition tell about mass evictions of Galicians to Siberia, about their life and activities in the camps, and the hard fate of evicted Greek Catholic priests, Ukrainian intellectuals.

The exhibition features the materials on the resistance in the camps, in particular, copies of banners of Norilsk and Kinhir revolts in 1953 – 1955. Camp belongings of Olha Duchyminska, Natalia Popovych, Myroslav Hrebenyuk, Volodymyr Hrynyk and other prisoners; woodwork, embroidery and paintings. Gallery of camp portraits by talented artist V. Mytarchuk reveals the greatness of spirit and firmness of fighters for freedom and independence of the Ukrainian people to the visitors.