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Department of Historical Treasures (Rynok Sq., 6, 2nd floor)

The exhibition of “Historical Treasures” Department at Lviv Historical Museum is located in so-called “Royal Halls” of Korniakt House – the monuments of Renaissance architecture from the 16th century.

In the 2nd half of the 17th century the Korniakt House was used as one of the residences of the King of Rzecz Pospolita of Jan III Sobieski.

“Royal” are nowadays traditionally called four former (representative) halls of the house, located on the 1st floor. No one remains indifferent to magnificent rooms interior, decorated in the style of late classicism, which finally emerged in early 19th century, to the floor is inlaid with 14 types of wood, exquisite stucco molding, to the walls are pasted with artificial marble, to ancient mirrors in gilt frames, marble fireplace, crystal and bronze chandeliers.

Interiors of the halls are harmoniously complemented with unique exhibits from the 16th – 19th centuries from the fund collections of the museum - furniture, painting, sculpture, clocks, musical instruments, porcelain, orders from different countries of Europe and others.

Sincere admiration of the visitors is caused by gala portraits of crowned people and aristocrats, old furniture, made by talented artists of the past, by lady’s secretaire, inlaid with ivory and gentlemen’ secretaire with a great deal of drawers, by rare musical instrument of Mozart époque – a pianoforte, round table with a surface set out in different stone types, by mysterious black chair as a winged dragon, by the Order of the Golden Fleece - a masterpiece of Austrian jewelers, by unique pocket sundials and sidereal clocks from the late 16th – early 18th centuries etc.

The exhibition ends with listening to the music box “Symphonion,” late 19th century.

Everything seen makes an unforgettable impression and raises a desire to visit the exhibition again and again...