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The exhibition "Yaroslav Pasternak - researcher" Galician Troy"

The exhibition "Yaroslav Pasternak - researcher" Galician Troy"

18 January 2017, 15:19

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the birth of famous Ukrainian scientist, archaeologist Yaroslav Pasternak muzeyeznavtsya January 17, 2017 in Lviv Historical Museum (Rynok, 6) held the commemoration of his memory: the exhibition "Yaroslav Pasternak - researcher" Galician Troy "and round table with participation of scientists of Ukraine. 


Jaroslav Pasternak - one of the most prominent figures in Ukrainian archeology. His contribution to the development of scientific knowledge about the past of Ukraine is measured in years of fruitful work carried out dozens of expeditions, a large number of published books, articles and reports. He had a large share of the mission of disclosing secrets of the ancient princely Galich, one of the great and crowded cities of medieval Europe. Ya.Pasternak long led the museum Shevchenko Scientific Society, was director and head of a department of the Lviv History Museum. 

The exhibition "Yaroslav Pasternak - researcher" Galician Troy "features more than 400 exhibits from the collections of the historical museum and other institutions in Ukraine, including personal family heirlooms parsnips and handwritten notes and drawings by renowned archaeologist, numerous photos scientist. A separate set of submitted photographs taken personally by Yaroslav Pasternak, who to this day causes interest to scientists because many gems of wooden architecture in Lviv region recorded arheolohm, now no longer exists. The exhibition exposed to view archaeological finds from various localities, where scientists conducted excavations (Listed, grew, Krylos, Belz, multitude, Plisnesk). Particularly noteworthy are two unique items: gold earrings with Krylos and bone plate ploskorizboyu of Plisnesk. Archaeologist command transfer artifacts in Ukraine when it becomes independent. In 1997, the relics returned from Canada to Lviv History Museum. 

At the opening ceremony were: the director of the Lviv History Museum Roman Chmelyk, Deputy Director of Education LOSA Games Hayduk, Director of the Institute of Ukrainian im.I.Kryp'yakevycha NAS of Ukraine Mykola Lytvyn, Head of the Department of Archaeology LIM Emily Zaruba. 

At the round table with the participation of Ukrainian scientists employees of the Lviv History Museum discussed issues connected with the life and work of Yaroslav Pasternak. 

The speakers were: M. Lytvyn, N.Bilas, I.Koval, Yu.Lukomskyy, S.Terskyy, O.Perelyhina, E.Zarubiy. 

Authors of the exhibition: Emily Zaruba, Oksana Kutsenyak Svetlana Oleksenko Olga Arzhanova.