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Exhibition "Stauropegic Heritage"​ (finished)

Exhibition "Stauropegic Heritage"​ (finished)

17 May 2011, 14:53

The exhibition “Stauropegic Heritage”, submitted to the visitors of Lviv Historical Museum is based on the materials of museum funds and devoted to important anniversary related to the history of such unique institution as Lviv Stauropegic.

This year we have the opportunity to celebrate 420 years of publication of Adelfotes” (1591) - the first book of Lviv Stauropegic Brotherhood printing house, the printing house which had been working until 1939. Presented at the exhibition copy of the book is a unique one because its lost elements were added by the hand of Antoniy Petrushevych (1821-1913), famous bibliophile, collector of manuscripts and rare books, historian, ethnographer, member of Stauropegic Institute, from the birth of whom 190 years had already passed.

We also do not omit 110th anniversary of Isidore Sharanevych (1829 - 1901), a prominent historian, ethnographer, archaeologist, archaeological monuments conservative, and museum worker. The exhibition presents the tables of archaeologically-bibliographical exhibition, held in 1888 - 1889 on the initiative of I. Sharanevych, letters and telegrams on the occasion of its opening.

Special attention should be paid to such presented unique handwritten pieces as Krystynopil Apostle, 12th century that is exhibited for the first time after it was restored, “Album or Book of Inscribed to Stauropegic” and also the prints of the Stauropegic Museum Institute. Among them there is famous “Ostrog Bible”. We celebrate 430 years of its publication this year. The exhibition presents unique rarities of book art from the collection of Lviv Historical Museum: 9 manuscripts, 23 prints, books of 19th - early 20th centuries with the seals of various institutions and autographs of famous land workers: A. Petrushevych, M. Holubets.

The exhibition is complemented with the works of art, including 8 painted portraits of the Stauropegic Institute members, 9 graphic works that reflect the view of Stauropegic printing house. Especially interesting are the architectural drawings of Stauropegic buildings with stamps of the prominent Lviv architect Ivan Levinsky (1851-1919).

Exhibits presented at the exhibition are the heritage of Lviv Stauropegic, which came to Lviv Historical Museum in 1940, after tStauropegic Institute elimination. The exhibition does not display the whole heritage of Stauropegic owned by Lviv Historical Museum, but only those items which in some way reflect anniversary dates mentioned above.

Exhibition authors: Ruslan SERTSELEVYCH, Svitlana OLEKSENKO, Olha KINDIY.
Using materials from the funds of Serhiy BOHDANOV, Tetyana STEPANOVA, Svitlana HAVALKO, Myroslav POBEREZHNY, Petro SLOBODYAN.
In cooperation with: Hrystyna MALINOVSKA, Olha ARZHANOVA, Natalya NOSYK, Igor MYSYAK, Oleh TANSKY.

Photo from the exhibition can be seen at the photogallery.