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Exhibition "History in Coats of Arms" (based on museum collections)​ (finished)

Exhibition "History in Coats of Arms" (based on museum collections)​ (finished)

30 November 2010, 11:45

Tens of thousands of museum pieces with images of coats of arms, retained in almost every fund group, are stored in the collection of Lviv Historical Museum (LHM). Most of them are kept in the fund groups "Numismatics", "Sigillography", "Awards", "Orders and Medals", "Graphics", "Weapon", "Metal" and "Sculpture".

Coat of arms is a distinctive symbolic sign of a country, city, noble family, individuals and others. People used different symbols to denote ownership or membership of a particular community from ancient times. However, coat of arms in full meaning of this term comes from the beginning of the Crusades (end of the 11th century). On our lands coats of arms themselves appeared in the second half of the 13th –14th  centuries, although tribal symbols existed before.

Coats of arms became an essential part of everyday life of modern society, both independently and in a variety of emblems. Nowadays, public interest in finding ancestry is growing. In this case, the knowledge of heraldry – the science of emblems – may be required. Without the knowledge of this historical subject no historian or ethnographer can do...

Exhibition, dedicated to heraldic exhibits from the collection of Lviv Historical Museum takes place for the first time. The exhibition represents approximately 260 items with images of coats of arms, historically associated with our region. The period of items creation – 14th – 21th centuries. Many of the museum exhibits had not been exhibited for more than half a century. During the preparation of the exhibition at the Museum restoration studios about 50 items were renovated  (renovators A. Kuzyshyn, S. Sledz). In order to cover the theme more fully, several items were borrowed from private collections. The exhibition begins with material that tells about the coat of arms as an object of heraldric study, the history of its origin and its components.

The following part represents various items which depict coats of arms of noble families, related to our region. Many visitors will be undoubtedly interested in so-called house marks, distinctive symbolic signs of philistine families in Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.

City heraldry is represented at the exhibition by the coat of arms of Lviv. It makes evident the evolution of urban symbolism from ancient signs to present days.

A separate section represents coats of arms of the states, to which Lviv belonged from the mid-14th century and until nowadays, as well as the coats of arms of territorial units, the centre of which was Lviv.

We hope that the exhibition will be interesting to the citizens of Lviv and the city guests, that it will popularize heraldry and help to increase the knowledge of history of our region.


Authors of idea and scientific concept: Petro Slobodyan, Taras Rak

Authors: Svitlana Oleksenko, Khrystyna Malinovska, Myroslav Poberezhniy, Petro Slobodyan, Taras Rak.