Lviv Historical Museum, one of the oldest museums in Ukraine (established in 1893), is a remarkable treasury of historical and cultural monuments of national and global importance. For 100 years of its existence the Museum had been forming a stock collection which numbers more than 330,000 monuments. General fund is divided into separate groups of keeping (34 all together): Numismatics, Orders-Medals, Fabric, Metal, Leather – Horn, Sculpture, Wood, Archive, Sigillography, Decorations, Archeology, Kievan Rus', Photo negatives, Photo materials, Glass, Porcelain, Clay, Rare book, Ancient prints, Manuscripts, Posters, Graphics, Reproductions, Bons, Painting, Clocks, Furniture, Art Wood, Musical Instruments, Weapon, Philately, Plastic, Honorary Citizens, Liberation Struggle exhibits.

The largest numerically is Numismatics collection – nearly 74,000 units of keeping. The archaeological collections are also large: at the “Archeology” fund there are almost 56,000 units kept, the fund “Kyiv Rus'” numbers nearly 46,000 units of keeping. The smallest is a fund group “Plastic”.

Valuable collections of Graphics (nearly 18,000 units of keeping), Orders and Medals (nearly 6500 units of keeping), Manuscripts and Old Printed Books (nearly 700 units kept) are kept at the Museum.

Items containing precious metals and stones are treated in special way. Among them there are - orders and medals, coins, clocks, weapon, articles of applied arts.

Some items and collections are rarities of the world importance: a manuscript “Krystynopil Apostle”, the 12th century, early printed book of Schweipolt Fiol and Ivan Fedorovych, the oldest graphic views of Lviv, the 17th – 18th centuries, military tents of eastern type (among them - captured Turkish tent, gained in the Battle of Vienna, 1683), Polish winged hussar armor and the collection of Galician weapon, old decorations of Europe and Asia made of gold and silver decorated with precious gems and colored enamels (there are unique ones among them – the Order of Saint Andrew, the Order of the Golden Fleece,  the Order of Saint Hubert).

Valuable memorial monuments are kept in different fund groups. For example the autograph of Frédéric Chopin, George Sand, the strand of Napoleon Bonaparte hair, the kaftan of Peter the Great, the personals of Solomiya Krushelnytska, Maria Zankovetska and Mykhailo Drahomanov.

Rare collection of Lviv history monuments is formed by silver symbolic keys to the city, the 17th century, ceremonial sword of Lviv Court the 16th century, executioners’ swords, emblem seals of the Сity Сouncil, city guard weapons, decorative emblems of Lviv 17th – 18th centuries, monuments of Lviv crafts: seals, gonfalons, crafts etc.