Museum Collection of Numismatics

The “Numismatics” collection of Lviv Historical Museum is one of the largest collections not only in Lviv, but in whole in Ukraine. It numbers nearly 74 thousand units. There are coins of more than one hundred countries there. The most numerous group is made by the coins of those countries to which the western-Ukrainian lands belonged at various times, including Poland, Austria-Hungary, and also the coins of Russia and Germany.

Extremely valuable group includes the ancient coins of Greece and Rome, medieval coins of West and East, coins of modern times. Most of them came to the museum during the prewar period from Historical Museum of Lviv, National Museum of King Jan III, Boleslaw Ozhehovycha collection, Museum of Shevchenko Scientific Society. During the postwar years the numismatic collection of Lviv Historical Museum was replenished due to inter museum exchange. Interesting exhibits were transferred from Hermitage, Lviv Museum of Ethnography, and Yavoriv Museum. There are a lot of gifts in the collection represented by the collectors and the individuals.

In recent years the collection has been also replenished by the coins received from Western Regional Customs in accordance with the decisions of the court.

    In the fund Collection "Numismatics" we store the coins from ancient times to the present day.

    Extraordinary interest is given to the silver Hemidrachm from the Greek island Aegina, dated back to 650-600 BC.

The collection has cast coins the 5th – 4th centuries BC as well, including Olbian copper coin, on the obverse of which there is the Gorgon head in front and on the reverse there is the eagle that flies on the right side with the dolphin in its claws. On the free place there are the letters A P X I.

 Great scientific value has a unique collection of coins of Lviv Mint.

The collection lets you get a picture of mint organization, of the coinage technology and also to trace the peculiarities of the Polish financial and monetary policy. Especially adequately represented in the collection are the variants of coins, minted in Lviv in the middle of the 14th -beginning of the 15th century. Very interesting is the collection of Lviv Mint coins, which were issued in the 50-60 years of the 17th century, when the Polish government transferred the coinage from Krakow to Lviv because      of      the Swedes invasion.

A special group of numismatics collection of Lviv Historical Museum forms nearly 50 museum treasures. Almost all of them were found in Western Ukraine, mostly during the field and construction work. The oldest according to the time discovering treasure is a treasure found in 1898 during construction of the Lviv city theatre (now - Lviv National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after Solomiya Krushelnytska).

The treasure of the Roman denarius, the 1st – 2nd centuries BC, consists of more than 500 coins. The Pshendelsky treasure numbers 133 Roman denarius.

    Numismatics collection of our museum is extremely big and interesting.

    Numismatics exhibits are represented in permanent museum exhibitions and thematic displays.