12th-18th centuries Book Art Monuments

Collections “Manuscripts” and “Early printed” in the collection of LHM  number about seven hundred books and book fragments. More than two hundred copies are manuscripts; about five hundred are early printed books. At the core of the collection there are the items from Stauropegic Institute Museum and National Museum of King Jan III in Lviv.

The fund of the manuscripts includes monuments, written in Cyrillic, Latin, written on parchment and paper, of religious and secular character.
The oldest and the most valuable books in the collection of  LHM  is the Krystynopil or Horodysk Apostle – an ancient Ukrainian monument of the 12th – 13th  centuries, written on parchment in the calligraphic manner. All together, in the collection “Manuscripts” there are seven books written on parchment, including the Krystynopil Apostle. They are - gradual, antiphonales (Latin musical books of the 7th century) Torah, and a few fragments of books. The oldest Ukrainian paper manuscripts belong to the second half of the 15th century. In the collection “Manuscripts” and “Early printed” we distinguish a subgroup of Cyrillic Gospels of the 15th –17thcenturies, collections of church services of the 16th – 18th centuries, the collections of church songs of the 16th – 18th centuries.
The oldest printed book of the collection is dated back to 1488. It is the Sermones festivals (Holiday sermons), published in Huhona.  The Bible from Nuremberg, 1500, belongs to the oldest books written not in Cyrillic. Among nine hundred books printed in Latin script (Latin, Polish, German) there are the Sermons (Krakow, 1600), the works of Seneca (1646) and others. The collection includes the books in Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, and Armenian languages.

The majority of the collection printed Cyrillic books was published by Lviv Stauropegic Brotherhood printing house. The collection also contains the publications from Ostroh, Derman, Pochaiv, Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Moscow. A small number of publications is originated from private printing houses of Michael Slozka, Arseniy Zhelyborsky (Lviv), Spiridon Sobol (Kyiv). Interesting are the editions of Spyryatynska, Kryloska and Univ printing houses. The place of several editions printing is not found out.

Ancient manuscripts and early printed books of Lviv Historical Museum are the valuable source of knowledge for culture, art, language, history, theology, literature, for past and present. The collection has a unique value not only for Ukrainian, but also for the world's cultural heritage.