Paintings at LHM Collection

Origin and development of each museum's collection is a unique phenomenon. The peculiarity of Lviv Historical Museum collection of paintings is that its fate is closely connected with the history and cultural life of the city.

Collection of paintings was started by the former Lviv museums: Historical Museum of Lviv (1893) and National Museum of King Jan III (1908).

Among all the cultural heritage ​​of the past, painting gets one of the most important place. Various in its genres, it clearly reflects the spirit of the era, reflects the heroic pages of nations history. Painting is actually a rich visual material for historical science and museum practice. Here is its undeniable value.

Classification of the collection into types is as following: panel paintings and miniatures. As for the division according to the genre features, the majority of the collection is the portraits. The collection also contains the pictures of the historical, battle, everyday               genre.
  The oldest exhibits of the painting collection are the portraits of the 17th century unknown masters, the representatives of Lviv School of Painting. These are the portraits of Kostiantin Korniakt, his sons, a collection of coffin portraits “Parsuna”. The character of the portraits shows the breaking away with religious, a desire to keep to the traditions of European portraiture genre.

The members of Lviv Painting School were Ukrainian, Polish and Austrian artists. Different traditions and experience of art schools were combined in their works. As a result of this particular art appeared which perceived different effects and creative impulses. The collection of Historical Museum represents the works of famous Ukrainian artists O. Byelyavsky, P. Kopystynsky, M. Yablonsky of Polish, Austrian artists, including O. Rachynsky, K. Schweikart, A. Reichan, O. Kotsis, M. Stakhovich, H. Rodakowski, K. Schlegel, S. Batovsky, F. Wygrzywalski etc. Their works represent high art level of Lviv in the 19th – early 20th centuries. Many of these artists are the masters of everyday genre, famous portraitists.

Most of the portraits in the collection belong to unknown artists. Among the people portrayed there are a lot of representatives of royal families, clergy, soldiers.  The collection numbers several dozen of Jan III Sobieski and his family portraits. The collection represents a great deal of the portraits of Ukrainian culture prominent figures: Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko, Mykola Lysenko, O. Kobylyanska, created at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Paintings of the plot painting (appr. 200 items) combine the works of historical and battle genres. Among the pictures of historical painting, created in the 18th – 19th centuries especially notable are “Ambassadors at Jan III Sobieski Place,” “Jan III Sobieski at Vienna,” “Presenting Swords before the Battle of Grunwald”.

Pictures of battle genre are a chronicle of outstanding battles, excellent source for study and research of military attributes, weapons of various historical eras. 

Among the paintings of battle genre there are: “T. Kościuszkoi n the Battle of Matseyovitsy”, “Battle with the Turks,” “Defense of Terebovlya”, “Battle near Lysynychi,” “Battle of Grunwald” (artist -  Z. Rozwadowski and T. Popel).