Director of the Museum – Chmelyk Roman P. 235-83-34

Vice Director for Science – Roman Olena M. 235-87-87

Vice Director for Marketing and Management – Rudko Taras G. 297-53-69

Vice Director for Financial Affairs – Panchyshyn Mariya S. 235-86-60

Vice Director for Administrative and Economical Department – Shutko V’yacheslav P. 235-83-36

Chief Curator, Head of Funds Department – Khavalko Svitlana Z. 236-70-57

Scientific Secretary – Polyanska Iryna V.

Head of Western Ukraine History Department of the 2nd half of the 19th and 20th centuries – Maksymkiv Nadiya V. 297-53-67 (162)

Head of Archaeology Department – Zarubiy Emilia I. 235-68-74

Head of History of Ukrainian Diaspora Department – Davyd-Trach Irena S. 297-53-67 (162)

Head of Research and Education Department, of exhibiting and advertising – Oleksenko Svitlana M. 235-69-90

Head of Department of Historical Treasures – Hul’ Mariya S. 235-69-90

Head of Department of History of Liberation Struggle in Ukraine – Boyko Volodymyr P. 235-78-86

Head of Department “Palazzo Bandinelli” – Bogdanov Sergiy V. 297-53-67 (118)

Head of Scientific and Methodological Department of Museum Building – Pereyma Lyucya Y. 235-51-09

Head of Publishing Department – Petriv Tetyana I. 297-53-68

Head of Art and Restoration Department – Malinovska Khrystyna M. 297-53-67 (159)

Head of Department of Ancient History of Ukraine – Stanchak Yaroslava G. 235-68-74

Head of Department “Museum of History of Technology” – Shynhelsky Mykhaylo Y.235-68-74

Head of Museum branch “Literary Lviv of the 2nd half of the 20th century – Iryna Fedorova M. 238-62-07

Head of Department “Museum-Arsenal” – Brenner Liliya D. 235-86-61

Head of Department “Historical and Memorial Museum of Colonel Evgen Konovalec” – Seletsky Igor Y. +38 (098) 5478117

Ukraine, Lviv, 79008, Rynok sq., 6