Welcome to Night Excursion!

Welcome to Night Excursion!

21 July 2011, 14:53

Lviv Historical Museum along with Lviv marketing department invites Lviv citizens and the city guests to visit the night excursion in the museum of weapons “Arsenal”.
The reproduction of the 15th century battle, the review of the painting “Battle of Grunwald” and the presentation of Middle Ages clothing waits for you. In addition, after the tour there will be held the master – classes of medieval dances.

The master-classes and the battle reconstruction will be held by the Club of Historical Fencing.

Excursion will take place in July, 29, at the museum of weapons – “Arsenal” (Pidvalna St., 5) and it will be started at 21:00.

In order to take part in the excursion you have to register yourself on the promotional and tourism site www.lviv.travel.

Welcome everybody!