Italian Courtyard

One of the greatest monuments of civil Renaissance architecture of the sixteenth century in Ukraine is the Korniakt House at Rynok Sq., 6 in Lviv. Creator of the building architect Pietero Barbon, Italian in origin, combined the forms of Italian Renaissance and local traditions of ancient construction.

The house includes beautiful spacious courtyard in the style of Italian Renaissance with 3-storeyed opened galleries that charm by the rhythm of arcades supported by the columns of Tuscan order. The proportions of the courtyard strike by their harmony.

Massive, convex columns of the ground floor are replaced on the next floors by more slender and graceful columns, which end on the second floor by Ionic capitals.

In the courtyard the one can see a bell, cast in Lviv (1586), the remains of “pillar of shame”, established in Lviv on Rynok Sq. at the end of the sixteenth century and the reconstruction of the “pillar”, made in 1973, the one can see the sculpture of a lion - symbol of ancient Lviv, carved from stone at the end of the sixteenth century.
The courtyard has excellent acoustics. They hold the concerts of chamber music, film the movies here.    This is one of the most popular places of rest of Lviv citizens and the guests. In the coffee shop, located here, with a cup of coffee the one can communicate, listen to the wonderful music and enjoy the beauty and grandeur of unique architecture.