History of the LHM library formation begins with the formation of Lviv History Museum library, founded in 1893.

In accordance with USSR Radnarkom May 8, 1940, History Museum of Lviv merged with National Museum of King Jan III into a single institution - Lviv Historical Museum, staffed by a single library.

On 1 January 2003 the museum's library had more than 15,000 books in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, German and other languages. An extremely important part of the fund (773 books) is dictionaries and encyclopedias from the 19th – 20th centuries, published in Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russia, USSR. This includes 17 volumes of Brockhaus Enzyklopädie (in German), 12 volumes of the publication “Encyklopedia Powszechna” by Orgelbrand (in Polish), 14 volumes of “Slownik geograficzny”, “Great Soviet Encyclopedia”, “Ukrainian Soviet Encyclopedia” and others.

A large fund group is represented by the books on archeology, heraldry, sphragistics, military, numismatics.

Ukrainistics - the largest group among the others in the library fund – was enriched during the years of Ukraine independence by many domestic and foreign Ukrainian publications.

Unique is a collection “Ukrainika” consisting of 31 volumes which included interesting publications from different regions of Ukraine during 1990-1999. The pride of the museum library is a collection of “Notes of Shevchenko Scientific Society”, “Literary and Scientific Journal”, "Collection of Galician-Rus Matica”, “Ukrainian-Rus Archives”, ‘Materials on Ukrainian Ethnology and Anthropology,” and also separate publications of “Rus Substantial Library of O. Barvinsky”, magazine “Ukraine in 1920s,” works by S. Kachala, Ja. Golovatsky, A. Petrushevych, I. Krypyakevych, D.Yavornytsky, I. Krevetsky, M. Korduba D. Zubryc'ky.

Special attention is given to the scientific books and periodicals, presented to the Museum library by the Ukrainian Diaspora representatives. During the last decade museum library received 600 books from the U.S., Canada, Germany, including almost complete edition of works of Z. Knyshch, monographs on the history of Ukraine, memoirs of national liberation struggle participants, books of Ukrainian “Samizdat,” journals “Ukrainian Historian,” “New Days” and more.

Department of Polish Studies has more than 600 books. Among them there is “Akta Grodzkie I Ziemskie”, chronicles of magnate families of Poland, rolls of arms. The library also represents publications on the history of Galicia and Poland, periodicals “Kwartalnik historyczny”, “Tygodnik ilustrowany”, “Klosy”, some works of T. Korzon, V. Lozynsky, F. Ravitta-Havronsky, K. Shaynoh, L. Rymar and others, a collection of reference books and scientific books about Lviv from the series “Biblioteka Lwowska”, catalogs of exhibitions, which took place in Lviv since the end of the 19th century up to 1930. Unique is a chronicle by B. Zymorovych and T. Yuzefovych.

In recent years, the fund of Polish Studies was added the editions of Polish museums.

Extremely interesting for the scientists are German, Polish and Russian editions by F. Schlosser A. Zhukovsky, V. Tarlet and others. The museum library holds a lot of books on Russian history: works of S. Tatyshchev, V. Solovyov, V. Klyuchevsky, collections “Historic Notes”, “Past” Journal of Ancient History,” “Rus Antiquity,” “Chronicle of Historical and Lineage Society in Moscow,” “Collection of Russian Chronicles.”

The library serves the researchers of Lviv museums, universities and institutes teachers, students, pupils, representatives of clergy, journalists and journalists who study the history of Ukraine, cultural and artistic items of Galicia.