Scientific and Methodical Department of Museum Building

Scientific and Methodical Department of folk museums in Lviv Historical Museum was founded in February 1967. Over the years the  name of the department had been changing: since 1987 – Scientific and Methodical Department of Public Museums, since 1991 to the present day – Scientific and Methodological Department of Museum Building. At various times, museum lovers and regional etnographers of Lviv were helped by Mariya Ozhytska, Danylo Bezhrebelny, Stanislav Buzhansky, Ivan Symchych, Myroslav Zobkiv, Volodymyr Pashuk, Alla Krutous and other scholars of the museum.

Nowadays it is the only institution of Lviv region,  where scientific documentation and information about the museums of the region working on a voluntary basis is collected.

The Department works in two directions. This is methodical and practical help to the enthusiasts  and regional etnographers in creating and building of the exhibitional museum institutions that work on a voluntary basis and processing and analysis of annual reports on the activities of the state historical and local  museums of regional ethnography in Western Ukraine.

Department scientists often go to towns and districts of Lviv region, give advice on accounting and preserving museum collections, ordering of accounting and security documents, supply public museums with inventory books, recommendations on various aspects of museum work.

Museum workers prepare annual information review “Fund, scientific and research, exhibition, expositional and scientific and methodical activity of historical and regional museum of Western Ukraine” and send it to the museums.

Scientific and methodical department of the museum building cooperate with the heads of district and city departments of Culture, with communal institution of Lviv regional council “Lviv Regional Center of Local History, Excursions and Tourism of the Students” (CPT LOTSKETUM ENT), with a training center of vocational education in Lviv region on accounting and activity of museums at schools.

Due to this partnership the network of public museums in Lviv region is growing.

In June 15, 2011 the members of the Scientific Department of Lviv Historical Museum registered 140 museums and museum rooms that operate on voluntary basis at the Department of Culture of Lviv Regional State Administration of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine system.  19 of them got the title of “National Museum”.

In the funds of public museums of Lviv nowadays there are 350 000 units, among them - more than 310,000 units are from the  main fund. In 2010 193,000 people visited public museums.

Every two years the Scientific and Methodical Department in conjunction with the board of Lviv Historical Museum holds a seminar for the directors of public museums in Lviv region, where it invites scholars, local historians, educators, employees of the public museums.

In May 2010, one-day seminar on “Current problems of museum institutions on a voluntary basis” (Conference hall of Lviv Historical Museum) was conducted.

Participants of the seminar received methodological advice “Issues of accounting, storage and study of museum objects in museums operating on a voluntary basis,” concluded by the the employees of the Department (Lviv, 2010).

The result of great research and scientific and educational activities of the scientists of the department is a published edition of generously illustrated reference book in two volumes “Public Museum of Lviv Region” (Львів: Проман, 2007. —Т. І. — 243 с.:іл.; Т. ІІ. — 243 с.: іл.). The handbook covers the activities of popular folk and little-known museums in the region which work on a voluntary basis in the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, it includes the information on museums of enterprises and institutions, vocational schools, secondary schools, university museums. The publication is complemented with geographic and nominal indexes, with a short glossary of museum terminology. The project is the first publication of such kind in Ukraine.

The Department includes a library of local history and literature, bibliographic file of research papers on museology, articles about the activities of public museums of Lviv region etc.

Department scientists promote the activities of public museums on Lviv regional radio (author's journalistic program of honored journalist of Ukraine Anna Ukraine Stotska “Events. Facts. Names”), on the radio “Kultura” of National Radio Company of Ukraine, in scientific collections: “Historical Monuments of Galicia.” Materials of scientific regional conferences of LNU after I. Franko (2004, 2007, 2010); of Kherson Regional Museum (2007); in Journal of Odessa Museum of Regional History (2006); of Ivano-Frankivsk Museum of Liberation Struggle of Carpathian Region (2007) etc.

Address of the Scientific and Methodological Department of the museum building: Arsenalska St., 3, Lviv. (2nd floor), next to the Museum-Arsenal.

Tel: 235-51-09.